What is SObjectizer?

SObjectizer is a framework for building solid multithreaded applications. It is based on async message exchange and uses a mixture high-level abstractions: Actor-Model, Publish-Subscribe and Communicating Sequential Processes.

What distinguishes SObjectizer?

SObjectizer is based on ideas that have been put forward in 1995-2000. And SObjectizer itself is being developed since 2002.
From the very beggining SObjectizer was used for business-critical applications, and some of them are still being used in production. Breaking changes in SObjectizer are rare and we approach to them very carefully.
SObjectizer runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and Android.
SObjectizer is distributed under BSD-3-CLAUSE license, so it can be used in development of proprietary commercial software for free.

How to get SObjectizer?

SObjectizer is hosted on GitHub. Source code archives are available on GitHub. SObjectizer also has a Wiki with lots of helpful information.

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