Our goal is simplification of your software development on C++.
Using our OpenSource products you save your time and your money.

What are we talking about?

Software development on C++ is complex, expensive and takes a lot of time.


Low-quality C++ code simply doesn't work. Producing low-quality code you break deadlines and then lose your money on bug-fixing and maintenance. Writing high-quality C++ code is very expensive.

What can reduce your costs significantly?

Just write less code. You spend less time, less resources. You deliver products to the market quicker.


Use third-party, off-the-shelf frameworks and libraries. Do not spend your time and resources for already solved tasks.

How can we help you?

We develop several Open Source products those can significantly simplify development of complex multithreaded C++ applications. Try them and see yourself how they can reduce amount of your efforts.

What if our products do not fit your needs perfectly?

You can order customization of any of our products for your needs.

Commercial support

In case of a problem we first solve problems of customers who purchased commercial support.

Our projects


SObjectizer is a framework which simplifies the development of multithreaded and concurrent applications in C++. Actor Model, Publish Subscribe, Communicating Sequential Processes — all of that becomes available in С++ code with SObjectizer.

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Cross-platforn and header-only library for creating REST API in C++. RESTinio features: allows to handle requests asynchronously, tracks operations' timeouts, logging for requests handling process, gives control over the context where the handlers are really handled.

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Header-only and C++14 library with a set of additional tools and extensions for SObjectizer: an integration with Asio, new mbox types and more...

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A header-only helper library for converting data between JSON representation and C++ structs inspired by Boost.Serialization approach.

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Implementation of timer wheel, timer list and timer heap. Create tens and even hundreds of millions single and/or periodic timer in a single process. Header-only and C++11.

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In C++ world there is no standard dependency management tool like Maven, RubyGems or Cargo in other languages, and each C++ team chooses its favorite tool or invents a new one. We've created our own, it is like CMake with ExternalProject_Add heavily used, but more friendly.

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